Welcome To My World, LOSER!!!


Hi Piggies!

Welcome to My Piggies Page!!

Here is the place where a SELECT FEW Piggies will be featured & placed on display for the purpose of public humiliation & my own personal amusement.

So the Race is on Piggies!!
Let's See Which one of you can get my Attention first!!

1st Time Cum Licker

This Slut luvs Shaking her Ass. LMFAO

Cock Jumping Foot BITCH

I Can't believe how Pathetic this BITCH is for My Feet. lol

Pervert at the Park

When your driving in the park & you see a perv slouched down in a car....
This is what it's doing.

This was all done on this BITCH'S lunch break.


Watch Fletcher's tail wag 4 my Pretty Feet. lol


What a GREAT Way to Start Off the New Year!.. LMFAO

Twerking Loser

All you other Losers need to keep practicing your twerking to get as good as this BITCH... ha... ha...

Angus The Mutt

You Should Design Your Own Clothing Line! LMFAO

Pantyhose BITCH

Everyone Must Give Me Something 4 the Holidays! lol

MUTT from France

This Pathetic BITCH Will do ANYTHING to Cum.. ha ha

Back 4 MORE!



I LMFAO at What this BITCH Will do to his nuts - ALL 4 MY Amusement! LOL

My Personal Pantyhose BITCH

This BITCH Doesn't Stand a Chance the Very Moment he sees my SEXY Legs & Ass in Pantyhose..
IT's ALL OVER 4 HIM!.. ha ha


This is what Cucks do while REAL Men are out on Dates with hot girls.. LOL

FAGGOT Training 4 the Holiday

This is NOT What a REAL Man does on Memorial Day Weekend!.. LOL

Pantyhose BITCH

He'll do ANYTHING.. just to be Allowed to Jerk.. to My Sexy Stocking Feet.. lol

Aussie BITCH

Big Black Toenail Eater

This BITCH Can't Stop eating things from my feet.. lol

Sissy Jasmine

First she shakes her ass & says "I Love You".. & then She's taking tampons out of her Ass..


Enjoy Your Lollipop Bitch!.. LOL

FAGGOT Training for Megan's Freakshow 2012!

Faggot is expanding his ass 4 a Real Cock..

& Guess What Guys.. HE's SINGLE!



What did that poor paint brush ever do to him?!




FAGBOY 4 Megan's Feet

This FOOTFAG will do ANYTHING 4 My Perfect Pretty lil Feet!.. lol

There is NO End to What this FAGBOY Won't Do.. She'll drink or eat ANYTHING I tell her to!.. lol.. NO Cock too Big.. NO Cock too Small.. Show her my feet & She'll SUCK EM' ALL!.. lol.. You Go Gurl!.. DRINK UP BITCH!.. HA HA


This BITCH is TRULY Fucking PATHETIC!.. He LOVES My Stiletto Boots.. & The Sad thing is.. My Stiletto Heels are LONGER than his TINY Micro-Penis!.. he he

OMG - I Almost Pissed Myself the Very 1st Time I ever saw this Bitches Dick!.. lol.. Fully Erect.. he's Like 4.5 Inches.. BARELY!.. lol.. He drools like a Total TARD.. Everytime he sees my stiletto boots.. My heels.. Even the smaller ones.. Are BIGGER than his cock!.. HA HA.. If you look up the Definition of "Truly Fucking Pathetic" in the Dictionary.. You'll See a Pic.. of THIS LOSER!.. lol


Well 1st.. I went for a nice LONG Run in the Morning in My Dirty STINKY Old Well Worn Running Shoes WITHOUT SOCKS!

It's already Hot in AZ & My feet were so Sweaty & SMELLY!.. lol.. So I kicked off my SMELLY shoes as soon as I got home & began making this BITCH's Cookies.. I rubbed my sweaty stinky barefeet ALL OVER the Dough & I Even got Plenty of My Dirty Nasty Toejam in there too.. EWW GROSS!.. he he.. Then I Added some of My Downright Disgusting Ped Egg Foot Dust.. This is where it gets REALLY Fucking NASTY!.. lol

I had no idea how difficult it was to make lots of ped egg dust in a short period of time.. So one Night after Me & My Girlfriends had cum back from a nice long night of Dancing at the Clubs & hitting the After Parties.. I asked 4 of my HOT Girlfriends to kick off their shoes & HELP Me get LOTS of Ped Egg Foot Dust.. so I could make these cookies!.. lol

DAMN did their feet STINK!.. lol.. These particular girls are just my girlfriends from the Club & aren't Dommes.. so I couldn't take pics & put them up here.. But they are So fucking HOT.. I don't hang out with Ugly people!.. lol

As a Matter of Fact.. 1 of my girlfriend's.. Kara.. had been wearing boots without socks & by the end of the night her feet had gotten so Rough.. She was able to contribute an awful lot to the foot dust collection!.. lol

But the BEST Part of ALL.. Was AFTER the Cookies were Done.. I CRUSHED a couple of them INSIDE My Dirty SMELLY Slippers!.. lol.. I Stepped all over them with my sweaty feet & then I bagged up the crumbs for this BITCH to Eat Up!.. HA HA LOSER! I Finished Up by Sprinkling the Rest of the Foot Dust from Me & My Girlfriends - ALL OVER this BITCH's Cookies!.. lol

Then I bagged them all up & Sent them Off..

The Videos you see are some of the footage I had Recorded on webcam of My Big Black Cookie BITCH Eating Up ALL Of his NASTY lil Treats while I wiggled my pretty toes in his face & Laughed at his Pathetic Ass for Being such a Total Fucking LOSER!.. lol.. HA HA BITCH!

** SEE The Update BELOW **
** For PART 2 **

The Super Pathetic Lame Ass Poem this Bitch
Wrote while he was waiting..
to Eat his Nasty Ass Cookies!.. lol

My Big Black Ped Egg Dust Cookie Eater
(PART 1 - Making of the Cookies +
Forcing My Big Black BITCH to Eat Them!.. lol)

MY Dirty Sweaty STINKY Toejam.. My Super Sweaty STINKY Barefeet fresh from My Running Shoes AFTER a Nice LONG Run first thing in the Morning..

Nasty Ass Lint + Pink Fuzzies from My Stinky Old Well Worn Slippers & the BEST Part of ALL.. Was the Foot Dust added from My Ped Egg!.. lol

Made By ME + 4 of My Super HOT Girlfriends!.. lol

My Big Black Ped Egg Dust Cookie Eater (PART 2 - The Poem)

Before this BITCH Gets his Ped Egg Dust Cookie Treat.. He Writes Me a LAME ASS Poem!.. lol

OMG - I Almost Pissed My Panties Laughing so hard.. What a Pathetic Fucking LOSER!.. lol..
IF I had an Award for the "Funniest BITCH Humiliated in 2011".. So far it would go to this Freak of Nature for Sure!..
Hands Down He Would WIN!.. lol.. But Of Course.. The Year just started so you Never know!.. lol

My Dirty Foot Cleaning Addict

This BITCH Lives for 1 Thing & 1 Thing ONLY.. To Lick my Dirty Sweaty Stinky Soles Clean!.. lol

The Dirtier & Nastier My pretty lil feet are.. The HARDER This BITCH Gets!.. lol.. He LOVES it when I walk around outside in the grass & dirt for hours.. His main purpose in Life is to wait around for me to cum back inside.. Just so he can get to lick my dirty sweaty smelly soles & downright filthy pretty lil feet clean!.. lol.. How totally fucking pathetic.. HA HA BITCH!

Big Black Cum Eater

This Pathetic BITCH Will Do ANYTHING for My Perfect Pretty lil Feet!.. lol

He has NEVER Even Thought about Eating his Own Cum.. Until NOW!.. lol
HA HA BITCH!.. My Pretty lil feet Are so Fucking HOT.. They can Make you do ANYTHING!.. he he

Professional Bowl Buster

Put this BIG Pig to Work!.. 100% of ALL Her Paychecks Go Directly to ME!.. lol

BITCH Mike's Greasy Pig Bitch Wife Slutface has been Scrubbing Toilets Since she was old enough to Hold her VERY 1st Toilet Wand!.. She Works so hard EVERY single week.. Scrubbing away to Remove those nasty ass porcelain stains.. In just less than 1/2 hour.. BITCH Mike Sent Me ANOTHER 3 WEEKS of her PAY!.. lol.. So keep up the Good Work You BIG Greasy PIG.. America's Toilets Need YOU!.. lol

Slut Face

BITCH Mike's Wife Slut Face scrubs toilets 3 Days a Week.. ALL 4 My Perfect Pretty Little Feet!.. lol

Slut Face makes a mere $90 a week working part time scrubbing nasty ass office toilets.. 2 Weeks of her Paycheck last night.. GONE in 10 Sec!.. lol.. That's how long it took for BITCH Mike to transfer the funds via my Tribute Buttons.. HA HA.. So Keep Up the GREAT Work Slut Face!.. So Many Toilets.. So Little Time.. You Go Pig Bitch!.. he he

Painful CBT Stiletto BITCH

This LOSER Would Do ANYTHING to his nuts.. ALL 4 My Perfect Pretty Lil Feet in a Pair of SEXY Stilettos!

What's Even More HYSTERICAL than that.. He bought Me the Stilettos that are Responsible for Destroying his poor nuts!.. lol


This LOSER Would Do ANYTHING for My Pretty Lil Feet!.. Just look at the pic!.. lol

OH & the very best part of All.. The Next Day his Stupid Slut Face BITCH Wife asked him if he knew Anything about the "footprints" & "hole" in the snow!.. LMAO.. Enjoy Your Frozen Glory Hole BITCH!

Broken Balls Stiletto BITCH

I have so much Fun breaking this poor BITCH's Balls!.. lol

Wifey will find out when I fuck him up so bad that he's stuck in a wheelchair..
Holding the Remains of what USED to be his Nuts!.. he he

FAGGOT training 101

OMG Downright Fucking HYSTERICAL!.. lol


MY Pathetic German Sh*tface Loser

Very Entertaining!.. lol

Especially Enjoy the Push Ups on Glass!.. he he


I OWN this BITCH's Balls!

I luv the little "G" & "M" on his testicles!.. he..he..he

This LOSER will do anything 4 my pretty Lil Feet

he he he...

ALL I Have to do is stick My Perfect Pretty lil Feet in his face & he forgets his Own Name!..
HA HA.. LOSER!.. lol



OMG - CHECK This LOSER Out!.. lol

He LOVES to PAY for My Dates with REAL MEN!.. he he

One Night this loser so BEGGED Me to Write a PATHETIC Letter to My Date that Night!..

Dear Sir,

As I will never be a real man I would like to take this humble opportunity to thank you for allowing me to sniff your girlfriend, my ruler and Goddess, Megan's feet. Faggot's like myself lack the confidence and physical beauty that real men such as yourself possess- and therefore I happily accept my place as a faggot Ass Cuck Boy FootSniffer. Perhaps, Sir, the most embarrassing thing is that, in an effort to be the best faggot I can be for Goddess- I need to beg for the privilege of sucking your real man cock...that is much longer and more beautiful than my little penis. Please Sir, may I wrap my bitch lips around your beautiful rod? May I tongue your balls on my knees while Goddess Megan laughs at me? May I kiss both of your asses and clean the house all afternoon? Goddess...thank you for allowing me to write this letter. I realize that real men do not sniff feet or fantasize about sucking cock to please and amuse beautiful women such as yourself. I am throbbing and dizzy with the prospect of you reading this...and I look forward to my writing assignment. Thank you again Goddess,

Faggot ass cuckboy Footsniffer

My Date that Night... Happened to be a guy that I BARELY even knew!.. lol.. Luckily for me he had a since of humor... he almost pissed himself Laughing over this loser's Letter!

Minnie P.

What can I say about Minnie P. ?.. lol

I mean.. Watch the Video!..

How can you possibly even grab on to something THAT Small?!..

he.. he.. he

Sissy Slut Rachel

You can clearly see that MY Pathetic Dicklet will never get a girl.

ha..ha..ha.. Who would want to play with that nob?!.. lol

Pathetic Little dicklet BITCH

HA HA... What a pathetic lil SLUT!..

He LOVES to Pay for my Dates with REAL MEN!

I luv to fuck with his pathetic weak mind. Oh... I forgot to mention that the dildo up his ass is his wife's!.. ha..ha..ha

what a total LOSER!!.. he he

My Mindless Little Fuck

I call him my Mindless Little Fuck...


He asked me to take pics of him to BM him...

But then... Once I put them up...

Like the little BITCH that he IS...

He BEGGED me to Take them down!...

Well I did... But NOT Before FIRST Emptying his Wallet!


LOL... OH Yeah - It COST him!

So he Paid Me to Take them down...

But he still wanted me to use this pic (as long as I disfigured him)...

So Here it is... FUN TIMES!


Slave D-Man

I LOVE Busting this BITCHES Balls!

I Couldn't Stop Laughing at this Pathetic Dumbass...

He'll do ANYTHING to stare at my SEXY Bare Legs...

And my Pretty Toes in Open Toe High Heel Sandals...

And here's the BEST Part -

He just can't get enough ballbusting abuse!

I had so much fun Fucking Up his Nuts!


I don't think his poor dick & balls will ever work right again!...

OH Well... Too Bad for him I guess... But I had Fun!


The Goddess Megan Prayer

(Written by Slave Alex)

Goddess Megan was born perfect and superior and Holy

I was born a slave and so were many other losers

Goddess Megan says we were born to serve her and make her life better

She is Perfect looking and holy and lives life of Goddess

Us losers are born to bow and pray and worship her forever

She goes on dates and parties and shops while we stay at home and worship her

She says its our role in life to serve forever and she is all we need in our lives

I bow to you Goddess in hopes i am doing what i was born to do, worship and serve you

Please help me meet my life's destiny of being your slave as you say

You are so perfect goddess, i know i am not worthy to touch you, only can worship you

Slave Alex wrote this Prayer & Says it Daily..

As he kneels to my pics that he hides under his pillow in his Dorm Room...

Well at Least he's using that College Education for Something Useful Now... FINALLY!

Good Job... LOSER!

Sissy Gurl Veronica

OH How Nice...

What a Good little BITCH!


She worked so Hard to Show her Adoration for me on my B-Day...

Good Job... LOSER!

LMAO... Luvin It!... LOL

EVERY Goddess can use a LOSER like this...

A "Court Jester" for My Kingdom...

Just to Keep Around for a Good Laugh!

So Keep on Shakin DAT ASS... BITCH!


(FNL) Friday Night LOSER

HA HA... Look at this PATHETIC BITCH Whacking it on a Fri Night inside a FAKE Pussy as he's looking at my Foot Fetish clip store...

Pretending he's on a Date with ME & Just WISHING it were Mine!


You Can ONLY Dream about getting near a HOT Goddess Pussy Like Mine!


So keep Staring at my SEXY Pics & Stroking it...

Enjoy your Fantasy Date - BITCH!

Little Virgin Dicklet

This Poor PATHETIC Loser!

That is One SMALL Shrimp Dick!

Look at this pathetic little dicklet...

He was a virgin until his wedding nite...

Well this tiny little dicklet couldn't satisfy his new bride that Night...

So She HAD to Cheat on him!...

Can you EVEN Blame Her???



Sissy Denise

Check out this little BITCH!


This little bitch sent me 2 pics of her pathetic ass...

But then when she realized I had a facial shot...

She HAD to PAY me to take it down!...


She's a good little cum drinker TOO!


My Little Cum Eating BITCH

This loser bought some SEXY pics of me...

I allowed him to wack off but I made him drink it!... LOL

Take your Medicine... BITCH!


RS (Really Small)

This Poor loser!

That's one of the smallest shrimp dicks I've ever seen!!

OK so he has like a 2 inch cock & like a 50 inch waist??

How does he even find that thing to WANK???

Maybe I shouldn't have charged this poor loser a WANK TAX...

He can't even find his dick much less WANK it!!

OH well, too late RS. I already spent your $$ at the Mall!



Sissy Gurl Veronica

There HAS to be a Law against this...
That's cruelty to carrots!


HEY Mickey You should see this one!!


She Could be your Girlfriend!


TSD (Terribly Small Dick)

OMG 2 inches & it looks like it's FULLY Erect!!!

Now that's a micro penis!!!!!


There's just no way to please a woman with that thing!


I named him TSD also because those are his real initials...

Sounds like a disease doesn't it?


Welcome To My World, LOSER!!!

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